1. South to North Carolina
  2. Cry Me A River
  3. Just Me Leaving
  4. A Bed This Cold (Featuring Brandon Rickman)
  5. Ricochet
  6. Right Where You Left It
  7. I Can Almost  Smell The Smoke
  8. Sweet English Rose
  9. Blame It On God
  10. I Still Pray (Featuring Jerry Salley, Donna Ulisse & Josh Swift)

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Kristy Cox Limited Edition, Gypsy Heart Designs Gem Stone Bracelet

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KristyCov5 2

Part Of Me

  1. Another Weary Mile
  2. You Walked In
  3. Baby You Ain’t Baby Anymore
  4. William Henry Johnson
  5. Little White Whiskey Lies
  6. The Part of Me (That’s Still In Love With You)
  7. Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore
  8. I’m No Stranger To This Lonesome Road
  9. Young Love Never Grows Old
  10. Your Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore
  11. That’s Where The Faith Comes In

Also available on iTunes

$25.00 AUD


Living for the Moment
Living for the Moment

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Miles and Timezones

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